Despite risks of Covid, Kansas City Chiefs announced that they will allow fans to watch football games in the stadium, albeit at a smaller capacity. Chiefs fans are understandably excited and should take the precautions necessary to keep themselves as safe as possible from the risk of contracting COVID-19. However, staying safe does not only include wearing a mask and washing one’s hands. If you have ever been to Chief’s stadium, then you know that the parking lot opens hours before the game for a long-standing tradition of tailgating. Make sure to keep yourself safe as you spend the afternoon grilling outside and preparing to cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Parking Lot Safety

The Chiefs parking lot can be almost as fun as the game itself, as any die-hard Chiefs fan knows. Families have time-honored traditions involving throwing a football and grilling out for hours before a game starts. Make sure that you never dash out in front of cars to catch that football, and that after the game is over you take extra precautions and drive defensively to get on I-70. Although there may be fewer people at the games in 2020, many may still drink too much alcohol and make the poor decision to get behind the wheel of a car. Take time to make sure that you are even more aware of your surroundings in the parking lot and on the roads.

Food Safety

Additionally, when you are out grilling meat in the parking lot, make sure that you always check your food for safe handling and preparation. Chicken and turkey should be cooked to 165 degrees and ground beef to 160 degrees. Pork and fish should be cooked to a minimum of 145 degrees. Make sure to always have a fire extinguisher handy, and throw water on your coals or turn off your gas grill before you head into the stadium. Packing a first aid kit is a smart idea no matter if you are tailgating or not.

Sun Protection and Hydration

While the Chiefs season can slowly turn into bitter cold days, the beginning of the season always involves a lot of heat and the famous Kansas City humidity. Make sure to stay hydrated and have sun protection on hand at all times. If you start to feel sick, immediately contact emergency medical services.

Choose a Designated Driver

Many people consume alcoholic beverages while tailgating. Keep in mind that the penalties for a DUI conviction in both Kansas and Missouri are severe, and therefore you should always choose a designated driver prior to drinking any alcohol. Avoid injuries, possible death, steep fines, and criminal charges by selecting someone ahead of time to drive you home after the game.

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