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When it comes to brain injuries and dram shop cases, look to us at the Griggs Injury Law, LLC. With more than 15 years of experience and a professional focus on these cases, Annette Griggs delivers superior service in a personalized setting.

Case Results

  • $1,000,000 settlement – Confidential v. Confidential – In a Missouri Dram Shop case, a bar served an underaged woman until she was extremely intoxicated then allowed her to leave the bar and drive a car.  She had a one-car wreck and killed herself. 2018 
  • $2,200,000 settlement – Delana v. CED Sales – Lafayette County, Missouri.  Settled during litigation. Read the press release announcing the filing of the lawsuitBrady Center Lawsuit Targets Missouri Gun Dealer for Gun Sale to Mentally Ill Woman Who Killed Father.   Read the press release announcing the Missouri Supreme Court Victory: Victory in Brady Case Against Missouri Gun Dealer for Sale to Mentally Ill Woman Who Killed Father.   Read the Trace’s coverage of the case: Lawsuits Against Gun Sellers Almost Never Make it to Trial. This One Will., 2016.  Case Narrative: Colby Sue Weathers of Wellington, Missouri suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and depression throughout her adult life. In May 2012, she purchased a handgun from Odessa Gun & Pawn in Odessa, Missouri. Fearing she was at risk of committing suicide, her family took away the weapon. Three weeks later, knowing that Colby was about to receive a check, her mother Janet Delana called Odessa Gun & Pawn, provided her daughter’s information and explained that she was dangerously mentally ill, and begged them not to sell Colby another gun should she try to purchase one.” On June 27, 2012, two days after her mother’s phone call, Colby returned to Odessa Gun & Pawn and was sold a .45 caliber Hi-Point semiautomatic pistol. She returned to her family home, and an hour later, she shot and killed her father, Tex C. Delana.  With the assistance of the Brady Center, we filed suit against Odessa Gun & Pawn for Janet Delana on March 12, 2014. The complaint alleges that the dealer knew or should have known, based on Janet’s phone call two days earlier, that Colby Sue Weathers was a danger to herself and others, but that the store ignored this clear warning and negligently sold her the gun. The suit argues that Odessa breached the duty shared by all gun dealers to use reasonable care in selling firearms to prevent access to guns for people who are foreseeably dangerous. After the trial court partially granted the defendants’ motion for summary judgment, Brady Center attorneys briefed and argued an appeal to the Supreme Court of Missouri. In April 2016, the Supreme Court decided the negligent entrustment claim in Janet Delana’s favor. This decision set important precedent, holding that negligent gun dealers across the state can be held accountable to victims of their negligence, and that negligent entrustment applies to gun sellers.    We were honored to serve as co-counsel for the Delana family with the Brady Center under the direction of Jon Lowy and Alla Lefkowitz.   2016
  • $1,000,000 – Confidential v. Confidential, Loss of Consortium Claim for spouse of man severely injured in a Semi-Truck tractor trailer accident; 2014
  • $1,150,000 Settlement – Traumatic brain injury case in Kansas:  Motorcycle accident resulting in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), broken bones and other serious injuries; 2014
  • $1,000,000 verdict – Lull v. Benjamin Surry, Verdict in Jackson County, MO for a Wrongful Death Case arising from an Automobile Accident in which the defendant was illegally Drag Racing with the driver of the victim’s car, 2012
  • $70,000 jury verdict – Brown v. Allinder, Jackson Co: 0916-CV40080 – 2011 – Automobile negligence – Jury Trial and Plaintiff’s Verdict – (verdict for rotator cuff repair), 2011
  • $750,000 settlement – Confidential v. Confidential, Wrongful death settlement in a dram shop case involving a bar in Jackson County that over-served alcohol to a visibly intoxicated patron who then wrecked car and killed plaintiff’s daughter, 2011
  • $2,268,979 verdict – Smith v. Bush, Lafayette Co: 10LF-CV00715 – 2011 – Civil Negligence – judgment in a bench trial for serious personal injuries sustained when a throttle stuck open on defendant’s motorcycle, 2011
  • $1,100,000 Settlement – Clough v. Taylor, Clay Co: 11CY-CV04226 – Wrongful Death of 21 year old man hit and killed while riding his bicycle on public street, 2011
  • $4,000,000 Settlement – Confidential v. Confidential – Jackson Co, MO – Dram Shop (a brother and sister injured by drunk driver who was over-served at local establishment), 2010
  • $100,000 Arbitration – Harris v. MHTC – Jackson Co, MO: 0816-CV00420- Wrongful Death – $100,000 Arbitration – award for plaintiff for improper warning of dangerous condition allowed to exist on I-70 bridge over Manchester), 2009
  • $2,125,000 Settlement – Confidential v. Confidential – Jackson Co, MO – 2008 – Products liability (involving a young woman who sustained a severe traumatic brain injury while restrained only by a lap belt in a minivan), 2008
  • $300,000 Settlement – McCurley v. Bridges – Wyandotte Co, KS: 2004-PR-000323 – 2005 – Wrongful Death (negligence of homeowner resulting in natural gas explosion), 2005

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