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When it comes to brain injuries, spinal injuries and dram shop cases,  Annette Griggs and her legal team at the Griggs Injury Law firm each have over 20 years of experience to fight for their clients in a personal, professional manner.

A Bicycle Wreck Can Cause Serious Injuries

In working on bicycle accident cases, attorney Annette Griggs draws on more than 15 years of experience as a lawyer. We handle traumatic brain injury cases in a comprehensive variety of situations.

CJ was riding his bicycle down a road in Kansas City when he was hit and killed by a passing motorist who was not paying attention. A mother lost her son and a sister lost her brother as a result of the driver’s negligence.

Unfortunately, this story happens too often. When vehicles collide with bicycles, the bicyclists almost always end up seriously injured if they are lucky enough to survive the crash. Call the Kansas City personal injury attorneys at Griggs Injury Law, LLC. We are experienced in handling motorist-bicycle accident cases.

Hands-On Accident Investigation

Bicyclists can depend on us for experienced representation after they have suffered a brain injury or other serious injury related to the negligence of drivers of motorcycles, automobiles, trucks and other motor vehicles. We will make sure that we know all we can about the accident. Griggs Injury Law will investigate whether the other driver followed all the rules and make sure that there is no evidence of drug or alcohol use. We will go to the scene of the accident with our investigators and examine the vehicles involved.

Personalized Guidance In Difficult Injury Cases

At Griggs Injury Law, our entire team draws on those years of experience to provide you with the representation you need in and out of the courtroom to protect your rights. You can depend on us to help you see all of your options, including negotiation, settlement and mediation, as well as trial.

Our firm’s litigation practice has helped our clients recover the millions they need to pay for injury-related bills now and in the future.

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