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When it comes to brain injuries, spinal injuries and dram shop cases,  Annette Griggs and her legal team at the Griggs Injury Law firm each have over 20 years of experience to fight for their clients in a personal, professional manner.


“My family ( the Alberts) have known Attorney Annette Griggs for almost more than 10 yrs. She has won and settled more than one case for a family member. Not only is she great at what she does, but she’s also truly, a very caring and kind person. Very easy to talk to. Her and her team makes you feel like anything is possible and you are first priority! THANK YOU ANNETTE AND YOUR TEAM!!”

-Qaii SeR


“I met Annette when my daughter was in a serious auto accident. Annette was like an angel that came into our lives and she helped us in so many ways. Annette is kind and caring and will do the VERY BEST JOB SHE CAN POSSIBLY DO FOR YOU. So if you need an HONEST Kansas City personal injury lawyer, please call her. My daughter now has a trust fund that will meet her needs for the rest of her life, all thanks to Annette for never giving up! Call her and you will never regret making that call.”
-Jacque S.

“Before I met Annette Griggs and her firm, I was dissatisfied with all attorneys. It only takes one bad experience to form your opinion about all personal injury attorneys. However, my opinion of personal injury attorneys soon changed when I met Annette. When I hired her, my auto accident case was worked on a regular basis and not just tossed aside or pushed to the back of the caseload. They took the time to get to know me as a person and to understand my injuries.”

-Angelia B.

“Annette has been the most helpful attorney I have dealt with. She has been honest and forthcoming with information that is most beneficial to me. When not sure about the answer, she was not afraid to ask for time to verify what was most pertinent to my particular situation and did so with success. I will not hesitate to refer and recommend her. She adds the word “personal” to the definition of attorney. I believe she really cares about her clients individually.”

-Carol B.

“I have worked both with and against Annette’s firm. She is always professional, upbeat and true to her word. I have referred potential clients to her firm and have always heard positive feedback. When Annette or her law partner happen to be on the other side of a case, I know I am in for a hard – but ethical – fight.”

-Steve B.

“Annette Griggs cares about her clients, focusing on each case and making it her priority in order to help procure the best outcome possible. She is very down to earth which makes the experience of hiring an attorney less stressful and gives you the extra confidence she will work honestly and diligently on your case.”

-Sherri M.

“When I first contacted Annette Griggs, after having a devastating head-on collision in 2015, I was greeted with a warm reception and happy smiles. When I explained to [her paralegal] what had happened and I felt the other party’s insurance agent’s were not being truthful to me, I received nothing but compassion, love and assurances that they were there to help me for what I needed. At that time I needed someone to believe in me, care for my feelings, someone to help me through the experience of not only the debilitating wreck but the recovery.”

-Dennis M.

“Annette is excellent! Annette and her teams of experts really make sure you are kept well inform and they make sure that they are on your side!”

-Ethan M.

“The law firm helped me with a wrongful death suit and did a fantastic job. They are down to earth people. They kept me in the loop and always answered any questions that I had. I would highly recommend them.”

-Janet D.

“Annette is a wonderful caring attorney with excellent personal skills as well awesome knowledge for clients with brain injuries. Annette was a pleasure to work with and representing us. Thank you Annette for all your help and support.”

-Scott G.

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