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When it comes to brain injuries, spinal injuries and dram shop cases,  Annette Griggs and her legal team at the Griggs Injury Law firm each have over 20 years of experience to fight for their clients in a personal, professional manner.

Experienced Trial Counsel For Brain Injury Cases

Most motorcycle owners realize that safety should be foremost in their minds because there is so little protection in an accident. When other drivers fail to share the road safely with motorcycles, the personal injury lawyers at Griggs Injury Law, LLC, in Kansas City, Missouri, carefully investigate accidents to determine fault and liability.

Bobby was riding his new Harley Davidson motorcycle when a car suddenly pulled out in front of him. He suffered a serious head injury and multiple broken bones. He was unable to work after the accident and had serious anger control issues. We helped him recover his medical bills and lost income and get money for pain and suffering and other losses and helped him get the appropriate medical care he needed.

Our personal injury attorneys represent motorcycle and ATV riders and passengers who have been injured.

Thorough Representation For Motorcycle And ATV Injury Victims

In a motorcycle crash or ATV rollover accident, our law firm gathers all available facts — witness statements, police reports, photos of the scene, property damage and personal injury medical records.

An ATV rider was driving wildly on an unsafe path. Kindra was a passenger on the ATV who suffered a broken back in the accident. Careful investigation showed that the driver and the property owner were at fault.

Motorcycle accident injuries are devastating — multiple broken bones, head injuries (even with a helmet), neck and spinal cord injuries. You need the help of personal injury lawyers who understand the extent of your injuries and who will work for a settlement that covers current and future needs.

A particular emphasis in our firm is on the needs of clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries in accidents involving motor vehicles. Those accidents can involve bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks and more.

We have the knowledge and seasoned legal judgment you need to fight back against an insurance company that might be undervaluing your case. We can provide you with a thorough understanding of your legal options and which options best fit your personal goals.

Experienced Counsel For Brain Injury Cases

When you or a loved one has suffered a life-changing brain injury in a motorcycle accident, you can rely on Griggs Injury Law. While you focus on moving forward, we will handle the legal work.

We can do that because Annette Griggs has committed our office to delivering personalized legal services. You will work personally with Annette Griggs, enabling us to understand the specific details that make your case unique.

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