Regardless of your age or sex, experiencing a traumatic brain injury is a life-changing event. A recent study found that post-acute mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) symptoms differ between women and men. The study found that women aged 35 to 49 experienced the most significant number of symptoms. Treating doctors should consider these factors when treating patients with traumatic brain injuries.

The Results of the Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms Study

The Transforming Research and Clinical Knowledge in Traumatic Brain Injury (TRACK-TBI) conducted this study with a cohort of 2,000 patients who had been diagnosed with a TBI. The study also included 299 patients with orthopedic trauma to serve as the control group. Researchers recruited the participants from level I trauma centers and followed their cases for 12 months.

After the researchers made adjustments of multiple comparisons, they observed the significant TBI and sex interactions for any cognitive symptoms. Researchers found that women had more mild traumatic brain injury symptoms than men related to their TBI. There was no difference between the sexes in terms of symptoms in the control group with orthopedic trauma. Female patients aged 35 to 39 experienced more somatic RPQ symptoms than female symptoms aged 17 to 34 or those over the age of 50.

The researchers stated that they need more information to corroborate their findings to identify why women in one age group are more susceptible to TBI injuries. Doctors who are treating individuals with traumatic brain injuries should consider their age and sex. They should keep in mind that women are most predisposed to chronic post-concussion symptoms a year after being injured.

Recovering Compensation After a TBI Injury

If you have been injured in a TBI injury, you are probably concerned about how you will pay for your mounting medical bills. When another person or company’s negligence caused the accident that resulted in your TBI, you have a right to pursue damages through a personal injury lawsuit. If the defendant carried an insurance policy, whether a car insurance policy or a commercial business protection policy, you have a right to file a claim.

Those hoping to pursue a claim for compensation should consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Bringing a personal injury lawsuit is a complex process that requires a significant investigation. You only have a limited amount of time to bring a lawsuit, or you risk losing the opportunity to bring a lawsuit. The sooner you consult with a personal injury lawyer, the better. Your lawyer will help you navigate the process for filing a claim and deal with the insurance company.

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