When you or a loved one is injured as the result of somebody else’s fault and actions it seems rational that the person who caused the damage would offer to compensate you for your personal injuries and losses. It is widely believed by everyday Americans that most or all insurance companies and defendant drivers will do the right thing and offer fair compensation. Unfortunately, the reality is that most defendants and their insurers refuse to accept accountability for their actions. In fact, it has become common-place for insurance companies to blame the injury victims for their own injuries. 

Insurance companies profit solely from under-compensating injury victims. Insurance companies and their defense lawyers know the law and have millions of dollars in resources to fight these claims. They know that most non-lawyers or unrepresented auto accident victims are unaware of the full extents of their legal rights and remedies available to them.

Hiring a competent personal injury lawyer will give you access to the help you need to find out your legal rights. Hiring a reputable personal injury law firm helps you establish your case, especially when hired early in the accident process. Competent personal injury lawyers are especially skilled in negotiating with the insurance company, and, if required, will take your case to a jury trial. While non-lawyers are able to negotiate with the insurance company themselves, doing so without a complete legal understanding of their rights puts them at a distinctive disadvantage with the insurance company.

All insurance companies have the same objective — to pay the lowest possible amount for valid claims. They will do anything within their power to sway the negotiations in their favor. They routinely take advantage of their superior understanding of the law over non-lawyers and use it to achieve the lowest possible settlement.

Experienced personal injury lawyers are invaluable in handling all types of insurance companies. They take into consideration all types of insurance available to clients, including their own insurance.

Most people do not understand that they may have under insured motorist coverage (UIM). UIM is often thought of as “gap” coverage for the amount of what the other driver has in insurance limits and for what you have for insurance limits. For example, if you purchase $100,000.00 in under insured motorist coverage and the defendant driver only has $25,000.00 in liability coverage your policy would pay up to an extra $75,000.00 in coverage for your injuries. That may not always the case. You have to read your policy carefully to know precisely what you have and exactly how much coverage you actually have available.

During discussions to negotiate insurance claims the insurers routinely attempt to acquire statements through confusing and vague questioning in an effort to harm your case should you ultimately decide to file suit. Experienced personal injury law firms will guide you through the procedure and help protect your rights.

A personal injury lawyer is in the best position to obtain a favorable settlement on your behalf. Often a client’s judgment or settlement achieved with representation considerably exceeds what could have obtained on their own, even after attorney fees are deducted. Be Sure to contact experienced personal injury attorneys for help with your injury case.

Annette Griggs of Griggs Injury Law’s practice areas include traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, vehicle accidents, bar & restaurant liability, insurance litigation and drunk driving accidents.