A recent medical study shows that experiencing a traumatic brain injury may be an independent risk factor for stroke. Experiencing an ischemic stroke can be costly and cause a lifetime of permanent injury. Traumatic brain injuries and strokes are responsible for the deaths of many Americans every year. Additionally, strokes and traumatic brain injuries can render the patient incapable of living independently and engaging in the activities he or she wants to be left. The link between traumatic brain injuries and strokes is an important one because it gives TBI victims and their loved ones a more accurate picture of all of the costs and injuries associated with TBI.

The Link Between TBIs and Stroke

In the study mentioned above, researchers reviewed databases from California hospitals between 2005 and 2009. They defined a traumatic brain injury using the standards set forth by the Centers for Disease Control. The researchers looked at whether traumatic brain injury patients who sought medical treatment in a California hospital were later hospitalized for acute ischemic stroke. Overall, researchers analyzed over 1.1 million patients, including 426,630 patients who experienced a traumatic brain injury.

The researchers concluded that 1.1% of the group had experienced a traumatic brain injury and .9% of the control group experienced a stroke after their hospital visit. They concluded that traumatic brain injuries were independently associated with a patient experiencing a later ischemic stroke. Independent of other significant predictors, those who had experienced a brain injury were more likely to experience an ischemic stroke later.

Long-Term Effects of Stroke

As with a traumatic brain injury, stroke can cause severe, debilitating injuries. Our brains control all aspects of ourselves, including our ability to walk, talk, write, and read. When a stroke happens, the patient’s command center becomes interrupted, and the brain cannot send signals to each other. When a person experiences a severe stroke, he or she may lose the ability to swallow independently, and the patient may lose his memory. Additionally, stroke victims often struggle with speech and language.

While some patients can regain their speech, many are not and lose their ability to speak permanently. Personality changes and emotional fluctuation are common among stroke patients. These symptoms can make it difficult for patients who have experienced a stroke to communicate and maintain relationships with friends and family. Not only does a stroke affect someone’s physical body, but it also affects their mental and emotional state.

Traumatic Brain Injuries: Contact an Experienced TBI Lawyer Today

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