Accidents involving large commercial trucks, or semi-trucks, are statistically 10 times more likely to result in death on the roadways. Many truck drivers are encouraged to bend the rules and not completely comply with the safety requirements determined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Truck drivers are expected to deliver shipments of cargo, and the faster they achieve their shipment goals, the more money the company makes. In light of this, oftentimes, truck drivers and trucking companies fail to comply with required rest breaks and other safety guidelines leading to serious accidents. When accidents with large trucks do occur, the results are oftentimes catastrophic or deadly. The following are the most common types of truck accident injuries suffered after a collision between a passenger vehicle and a semi-truck or tractor-trailer truck.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

The impact force of a large commercial truck with another vehicle typically causes devastating damage to both the vehicle and the occupants upon impact. Unfortunately, one common type of injury results in brain damage or traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Traumatic brain injuries can range from a “mild” concussions that may resolve over time to permanent brain damage or death. Oftentimes, some victims do not immediately know that they have sustained a brain injury due to adrenaline following the accident. However, after a few hours or days, a victim may begin to notice serious challenges with their motor skills, an inability to think clearly, disorientation, nausea or vomiting, issues regarding balance, memory issues, impairment to cognitive abilities, or overall personality changes. If you feel you may have sustained a brain injury following a car accident, you should seek the immediate attention of a medical professional who is experienced in treating brain injuries.

Spinal Cord Injuries

With such an impact and force that occurs between a large commercial truck and a passenger vehicle, spinal cord injuries are common. These injuries can range from mild bruising and pain to complete paralysis. If victims of trucking accidents have spinal cord injuries, they may become a paraplegic, quadriplegic or tetraplegic. Unfortunately, these injuries are often permanent and cause a complete adjustment to life, work, and possible life-long medical treatments and therapy.

Internal Injuries

After a car accident, many victims have a rush of adrenaline and do not feel all of their injuries accurately. However, if you suffered any minor scrapes, cuts or bruises, you may have serious internal injuries undetectable to the medically untrained eye. Make sure that if you were involved in an accident with a large truck, you seek medical evaluation and treatment as soon as possible to determine if you may have any internal organ damage or injuries.

Wrongful Death

As previously indicated, accidents with large commercial trucks are 10 times more likely to result in death. If your loved one died in a trucking accident, you may have the right to receive compensation on their behalf. While money will never bring your loved one back, it will pay for any remaining medical expenses, funeral costs, and help punish those that were negligent and responsible for your loved one’s untimely death.

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