Typically, when people use “cell phones” and “driving” in the same sentence, catastrophic images come to mind. The rampant use of phones for texting and talking while driving has substantially increased the number of catastrophic accidents in the United States. However, if you are a parent, your teenager’s cell phone can be used for good and not evil in encouraging safe driving. The following are some safe driving apps that can give parents peace of mind.


Teenagers love to play games on their cellphones. This app allows the user to use their safe driving habits to earn rewards. Avoiding phone use while driving is monitored and awarded with points toward an overall score. Teenagers are allowed to invite friends to compete against them for who can be the safest driver. This free app turns driving safely into a fun game.


Canary does not block phone use while driving, but it gives parents the ability to monitor their teenagers when they are behind the wheel. Parents can receive notifications when their teenagers exceed the speed limit or go outside established parameters determined by the parents.

Drive Safe.ly

This app keeps a driver from texting and driving. If the driver receives a text while driving, the app will read any message out loud and also send an auto-responder message indicating “I’m currently driving. I will get back to you later.” While this app does cost money, it is not expensive and is a great option for drivers who struggle resisting the urge to check and respond to text messages while driving on the roadways.

Drive Safe

Drive Safe completely shifts a driver’s attention away from a cell phone by silencing it and also auto-replying to incoming calls and text messages. Only one push of a button activates this app and allows a user to focus the rest of the drive on the road ahead.


This safe driving app also offers a driver a system of rewards that is intended to help a driver eliminate any distracted driving habits. Using a GPS monitoring system, it works by not only preventing a driver from using a cell phone while driving but also allows parents to track teenagers and offer them rewards. It also includes an automatic notification to any family or friends when a driver reaches his or her destination.


iOnRoad is one of the more interesting and innovative driving apps. This app combines smartphone camera data along with GPS and an accelerometer to determine the distance between you and the car and in front of you. Get too close, and it flashes a warning on your cell phone and gives the driver an alarm as well. This app also allows the driver to block text messages and calls.

TrueMotion Family

This app not only monitors drivers but also gives them recommendations regarding how to improve their driving. It can detail the number of times a driver has exceeded the speed limit, the number of hard-braking incidents, and certain other unsafe driving habits.

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