Researchers have discovered a method that has inhibited inflammation around spinal cord injuries in mice. They used a nano biomaterial to accelerate neuron regeneration in the mice’s damaged spinal cords. The nano biomaterials also sped up the process of neural circuit reconstruction in the spine. In a scientific breakthrough, the scientists also identified the genetic mechanism by which these particular nano biomaterials work. Researchers have not conducted a similar study on humans, but they are hopeful that their discoveries could produce a method for treating spinal cord injury in humans.

Is There a Cure for Spinal Cord Injuries?

For decades, doctors and researchers have been trying to discover a cure or effective medical treatment for spinal cord injury patients. As of right now, there is no comprehensive way to cure or treat spinal cord injuries in humans. Instead, doctors treating spinal cord patients can only manage their symptoms effectively. The spinal cord is one area of the body that does not regenerate on its own.

The inflammation around the damage to the spinal cord hinders neurons and axons from regenerating. When the spinal cord becomes injured, a person’s immune cells stay activated for a long time, causing secondary lesions in the nervous system, stopping stem cells from regenerating into new spinal cord cells. Accordingly, researchers are excited about the possibility of using what they have learned to create the first comprehensive treatment for spinal cord injury victims.

Treatments Available for Spinal Cord Patients

The current treatment options for spinal cord injury victims vary depending on the patient’s symptoms. After the accident, doctors immediately focus on maintaining the patient’s ability to breathe, preventing them from going into shock, and immobilizing their neck to avoid any further damage. Patients are typically admitted to the intensive care facility for treatment, where they receive intravenous medications.

Depending on the specific type of spinal cord injury, a person may need to undergo surgery to remove foreign objects, fragments of bones, or repair fractured vertebrae that appear to be compressing the patient’s spine. Doctors may decide to do surgery to stabilize the patient’s spine to prevent deformity or future pain. After dealing with the immediate danger, many spinal cord injury patients will undergo rehabilitation. Therapists will help them redevelop their motor skills and find new ways to accomplish their day-to-day tasks. Rehabilitation typically lasts for one to two months, but many patients need ongoing rehabilitation services after they go home.

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