Scientists have only begun to scratch the surface regarding the link between contact sports and traumatic brain injuries. There have been multiple lawsuits against the National Football League (NFL) in the United States by players who have died or become severely impaired because of traumatic brain injuries. These football players have claimed that the NFL has not done enough to protect them from brain injuries caused by the violent nature of the sport. Now rugby players in the United Kingdom are joining together to bring personal injury claims against prominent rugby organizations.

Eight well-known, former rugby players have joined forces to pursue legal action against the English Rugby Football Union and the Welsh Rugby Union. These players claimed that the unions failed to protect them from risks associated with concussions. The attorney representing the players has stated that he is speaking to over 100 players between the ages of 20 and 50. As with many professional football players in the United States, these rugby players show severe neurological problems.

The Link Between Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms

For a long time, doctors dismissed the seriousness of mild concussions. In most cases, the symptoms of mild concussions do go away. However, when a person is exposed to multiple concussions over a long time, they are at risk of suffering from long-term symptoms.

Thousands of former NFL players brought a lawsuit against the NFL, which the NFL settled in 2013. These players alleged they had developed dementia and other symptoms related to concussions they experienced while playing football for the NFL. They also alleged that the NFL knew about the link between concussions, violence and football, and brain injuries for years and failed to take any actions to protect their football players.

The settlement is expected to be around $1 billion, and it has required the NFL to set aside a fund that will pay out compensation to 20,000 NFL retirees who are suffering from dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Long-Term Symptoms Associated With Contact Sports

Playing contact sports such as hockey, football, and rugby can lead to long-term brain injury symptoms. Some of the players joining the lawsuit against the rugby unions have noted that they would have never turned professional if they had known what types of symptoms they would later experience.

Players have reported that they are left dazed, not knowing where they are, passing out, and seeing white spots. Another has been diagnosed with early-onset dementia and traumatic brain injuries, all by the age of 41. Rugby players famously do not wear helmets, increasing the likelihood of their exposure to concussions and traumatic brain injuries. Rugby is also becoming more popular in the United States, allowing more people to incur traumatic brain injuries.

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