According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, over half of all legal cases in the United States are related to personal injuries resulting from another person’s negligence. However, only 4% of all personal injury cases actually see the inside of a courtroom, as most are settled prior to any actual litigation. However, when a case does go to trial, one of the most important and critical components of a strong personal injury claim is the inclusion of medical expert witnesses to corroborate and confirm the testimony of the victim.

Medical Expert Witness Testimony

Insurance companies often take the position that a plaintiff does not have injuries, or that their injuries are not as serious as the victim claims. In these cases, a medical expert becomes critical to ensure that an unbiased evaluation of the medical documentation, diagnostic testing, medications, procedures, and therapies was done correctly or needed to be done in order to help the victim’s health. These medical experts provide knowledge that is specialized beyond that of an ordinary layperson and lends support and authority to the victim’s statements regarding their injuries and pain and suffering. Medical experts are often required in a personal injury case to testify regarding the following:

  • Evaluation of medical procedures performed, diagnostic testing ordered and medication prescribed
  • The determination regarding whether the timeline of the injury with respect to either deterioration or improvement is accurate
  • The extent of the physical or mental injury
  • Potential future medical costs
  • Potential diminished earning capacity due to the physical or emotional injury
  • Possible work or life expectancy reduction to due the injury
  • The determination regarding either permanent or temporary disability
  • Provide explanations to the judge or jury regarding the more intricate and complicated medical aspects of the injury and treatment.
  • Complete review of all evidence related to the injury, and not only how the injury occurred, but whether the treatment was appropriate according to established medical standards

Medical Experts and Settlement Offers

If you have a medical expert testify on your behalf or provide their opinion on your behalf in a settlement matter with an insurance company, you likely have a greater chance of obtaining a more fair and just offer. Medical experts are able to provide information regarding not only the nature and extent of your injury that occurred due to someone else’s negligence, but also whether or not you will require additional medical treatment, therapy, surgeries, or medication as a result of your injuries. Additionally, you may need some sort of physical or occupational therapy that could be life-long, or suffer permanent injuries rendering you unable to perform daily tasks or even return to work. These statements from an expert are critical to ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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