The last thing that anyone wants is to have a car accident on a business or vacation trip. Everyone knows that rental car companies attempt to sell their rental car insurance options when you stand at their counter waiting to rent a car. Whether you purchase their insurance or use your own auto coverage, depends on individual circumstances. However, if you are unfortunate enough to suffer injuries or losses as a result of a car accident in a rental car, these are the steps you can take to ensure your legal rights, as well as your health and safety, remain protected.

Steps to Take After a Rental Car Accident

In many cases, the steps that you can take after a rental car accident will be similar to those you would take in any other type of car accident. However, because you are in a rental car, you may feel unsure about which actions you should take following an accident. The following are some simple steps to remember if you were in a rental car accident.

  • Contact the Police. In a car accident of any kind, you should always contact the police first. The police will arrive and take an official accident report and interview all motorists involved in the accident as well as witnesses to the accident. In many cases, an ambulance will arrive and you should always agree to receive a medical evaluation at the scene of the accident.
  • Receive a Medical Evaluation. Again, even if you believe your injuries are minor, many serious injuries are masked at first due to a victim’s adrenaline. Even if you do not receive emergency medical treatment at the scene of an accident, you should always visit a medical professional to receive an evaluation as soon as possible, as many serious injuries have delayed symptoms and signs.
  • Collect Documentation. Keep everything related to your accident in one place including the rental car agreement, medical bills, police report, loss of wages, and documentation from the scene of the accident. Take photos of the damage to the rental car and the other vehicles involved in the accident as well as the scene of the accident.
  • Contact the Rental Car Company. While the other steps are similar to other car accidents, you will need to contact the rental car company following an accident involving their vehicle. Every rental car company has a different procedure regarding accidents, and it is always best to check your rental car agreement. For example, Avis has a report like this that all drivers must complete following an accident.
  • Contact Your Insurance Company. As in any other accident, you must contact your own car insurance company and inform them of your involvement in a car accident. Additionally, you should contact the insurance provider for the rental car company if you purchased the additional insurance. Determining which insurance company has the primary responsibility for paying the damage depends on a number of issues.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

If you have suffered injuries or losses related to an accident in a rental car, you should still contact an experienced attorney to help you build a strong personal injury and negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies and with your rental car company. Contact our experienced personal injury attorneys at Griggs Injury Law at (816) 474-0202 to learn your legal rights regarding your car wreck in a rental vehicle.