If you were in a car accident, you may need to rent a car while yours is being repaired. This can often take days or weeks, and while an insurance company may pay for the rental car, you may wonder if you should purchase additional rental car insurance on this rental. Here are some questions to ask as you begin to make the decision whether to purchase the additional car insurance for your rental car while you wait for your vehicle to be repaired.

Does Your Personal Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

In many cases, a car insurance policy will cover a rental car as long as it is driven for personal use. Commercial or business rentals may not be covered under car insurance policies, but in most cases, your own personal car insurance policy will cover accidents while you are driving a rental car. Before renting your car, make a quick phone call to your insurance company to determine if your policy covers insurance for rental cars, and if so, what the coverage is.

Does Your Credit Card Cover Rental Cars?

If you will be paying for a rental car with your credit card, check your credit card policy to see if rental car insurance coverages are provided. In many cases, credit card companies will provide insurance coverage if used for rental car purchases. Contact the number on the back of your credit card and ask if they will cover rental car insurance before purchasing the rental car company’s extra insurance offered.

What are Your Options at a Rental Car Company?

If you make the determination that your personal car insurance or credit card does not offer enough insurance coverage for your rental car, you will have four options when you rent a car to purchase additional insurance.

  • Loss-damage waiver. This insurance coverage removes any financial responsibility from the renter if the car is damaged or stolen. This is the most expensive type of insurance offered by an insurance company.
  • Liability coverage. This insurance coverage will meet the minimum standards established by the state in which the car is rented, and protects a driver from potential lawsuits after an accident.
  • Personal accident insurance. This is additional insurance coverage that will allow a driver to cover all medical costs after an accident.
  • Personal effects coverage. This is additional insurance coverage that will allow a driver to cover all costs of any damage to personal property inside the rental car if there is an accident.

Should You Purchase Rental Car Insurance?

This is a personal decision, but if you do not have any insurance coverage at all, you should consider purchasing at least the minimum liability coverage offered by a rental car company. Extra protection is warranted if your current insurance policy does not have comprehensive or collision coverage or you do not wish to pay a high deductible if there is a car accident involving your rental car. The addition of rental car insurance may be a waste of money if you already are covered by other insurance through your personal car insurance policy or your credit card.

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