According to research published by the Insurance Information Institute, over half of car accidents that involve fatalities from 2003 to 2007 involved some form of aggressive driving or excessive negligence. Making sure that you remain vigilant on the roadways and understand the signs of road rage in other drivers can help keep you safe. Additionally, knowing if the driver who caused the wreck was exhibiting signs of road rage or acting negligently may impact your personal injury case if they injure you in the process

Excessive Speeding

Excessively speeding and driving erratically over the speed limit can be a sign of road rage. Failing to follow the rules of the road is dangerous and increases the possibility of an accident on the roadways.


Tailgating is when a person follows the car in front of them much too closely. When this occurs, accidents are common as the person tailgating simply does not have enough time to stop safely and runs into the back of the other vehicle. If you notice that a person is tailgating you, do your best to get out of their way, as they may be engaging in road rage.

Dangerous Maneuvers

Changing lanes rapidly or erratically, especially without signaling, can be a sign of road rage in a driver. The inability to calmly and safely drive between lanes can be a sign of frustration and anger in a driver. Additionally, weaving sharply in and out of traffic is an absolute sign of road rage. If either of these behaviors were involved in your accident, you may have the chance to file a claim for the reckless behavior of the other driver.

Threatening Behaviors

Everyone can get frustrated behind the wheel of a car, however, honking, making vulgar gestures, aggressive gestures, yelling, or brandishing a weapon, such as a gun, at another driver is a sign of road rage and possible criminal activity. These events may lead to altercations or collisions as drivers are distracted and acting in an aggressive manner. Even simply leering or staring at another driver in an aggressive or intimidating way can be a sign of road rage. If any of these types of incidents occurred with respect to your car accident, you may be able to include these examples as part of your personal injury claim.

Actual Attacks

When aggressive drivers actually attack other drivers, this rises beyond road rage and can include criminal charges of assault and battery. A famous example was when the actor Jack Nicholson attacked another driver who cut him off in traffic and threatened him with a golf club.

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