Common Injuries Caused by Rollover Accidents

Missouri rollover accidents can be deadly. Along with head-on collisions, rollover accidents are one of the most dangerous types of car accidents. Being involved in a rollover accident can cause physical and emotional trauma, leaving a lasting impression on those involved. Despite rollover accidents only happening in 1% of all motor vehicle accidents, they account for nearly one-third of all car accident fatalities.

Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are rare, but when they do happen, they can cause severe injuries. There are two main reasons that a motor vehicle can roll over during a car accident. First, the driver could lose control of their car or truck and swerve off the roadway. Rollover accidents can happen when drivers are distracted, intoxicated, speeding, or driving in a negligent or risky manner.

When a driver swerves out of his or her lane, the car could hit a curb, striking another car, or crash into a guardrail. In some cases, the collision force can cause the car to flip up in the air and begin rolling. Rollover accidents can be particularly dangerous when the car flips over the guardrail and begins rolling down a slope. The more times the vehicle rolls, the more the driver and passenger are at risk of incurring severe injuries. Rollover crashes can also cause multiple-vehicle pile-ups, especially when a vehicle collides with another vehicle in the middle of a highway, blocking oncoming traffic.

Roof Crush Caused by Rollover Accidents

One of the most dangerous aspects of rollover collisions involves roof crush. Rollover accidents increase the chance of a roof crush taking place. When the roof of a vehicle is weak, the pillars that support the top of the vehicle can become crushed during a rollover accident. Even the roofs of SUVs and trucks can become deformed under a rollover accident’s weight and force in many cases. When a roof crush happens during a rollover accident, the driver and passenger’s chances of survival become limited. Those who survive often suffer serious traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Rollover accidents that involve roof Crush cause devastating injuries, including the following:

• Blood loss
• Loss of limbs/limb amputation
• Bruised or damaged internal organs
• Broken bones
• Severe lacerations
• Severe burn injuries
• Paralysis
• Nerve damage
• Neck injuries
• Spinal cord injuries
• Traumatic brain injuries

Seeking Compensation After a Roof Crush Accident

If you or your loved one have suffered any of the injuries mentioned above or any other injuries from a roof crush accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Under Missouri and Kansas law, victims of negligent drivers can bring a lawsuit against the negligent driver for damages. Or, you can file an insurance claim on the negligent driver’s policy. Whatever route you take, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you immensely. At Griggs Injury Law, we are prepared to fight for your right to compensation. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.