If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you likely already know that the statistics of injury and accidents between motorcyclists and motorists are harrowing. Statistics show that motorcyclists have a 35 times greater risk of fatal crashes on the roads in the United States than those who drive motor vehicles. Unfortunately, thousands of motorcycle deaths occur in America each year, and given that motorcycle riders do not have a great deal of protection, the injuries suffered in an accident can be catastrophic or fatal. The following are some common reasons for accidents involving motorcycles and some ways to attempt to avoid accidents altogether.

Vehicles Changing Lanes

Drivers of motor vehicles often simply forget to check their blind spots or fail to signal lane changes. In other cases, a motorist will simply make a left turn without checking their blind spot, causing an accident. As a result, a motorcyclist may be easily hit as a motorist changes lanes on the highways or roadways.

How to Avoid:  Always operate your motorcycle in a defensive way and take extra precautions when driving next to motorists who may have you in their blind spot. It is always best to avoid blind spot areas if possible as you are riding your motorcycle.

Opening of Car Doors

Sometimes, a driver of a parked motor vehicle will simply open a car door in order to get out of the car without checking first to see if motorcyclists (or bicyclists) are coming down the road in the path of the door.

How to Avoid:  The area between a car that is in a lane of traffic and a line of parked cars is actually nicknamed “The Death Zone” due to the fact that so many motorcyclists experience injuries related to the opening of car doors. Try to keep your motorcycle as far away from a parked car’s door trajectory as possible, and always remain alert to potential opening doors.


Statistics show that half of all accidents involving motorcycles are related in some way to speeding.

How to Avoid:  Make safe decisions regarding your speed on the roadways. Always follow the speed limit and avoid any motor vehicles that appear to be speeding or driving in a negligent manner. It is always best to drive defensively.

Driving Under the Influence

Shockingly, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol was determined to be the cause of almost 50% of all motorcycle accidents according to the 1981 Hurt Report.

How to Avoid:  Impaired driving is a completely avoidable cause of any kind of roadway accident. If you are riding on a motorcycle, you should never drink to excess or have a blood alcohol content above 0.08%. Additionally, you should attempt to avoid any motorists on the roads who appear to be operating their motor vehicles in a negligent or dangerous manner. If you think you see a drunk driver, pull safely over to the side of the road and alert the police.

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